Company Profile

Lenkor Energy Trading
was established in Dubai, in the Middle East, by a group of highly skilled and experienced traders with backgrounds across all levels of the industry.


Lenkor Energy
The company transacts with a range of clients, from oil industry majors to smaller independent producers and refiners, and oil and energy traders. The Lenkor Energy team strive to deliver creative proposals to add value and manage risk across a broad range of oil-related transactions. Within 10 years, the company will also have expanded into regional storage solutions as well.

Global trading

Lenkor Energy
In modern global markets, it is no longer simply to transact a client’s instructions. Increasingly, businesses seek a personal component, an expert partner who not only understands completely the energy market, but can propose creative solutions that suit and add value to a client’s business. Based in Dubai, Lenkor Energy has strong and strategic links in Africa, Asia, the Middle and Far East and beyond, for the trade of oil and energy products of all kinds.

Looking Ahead

Lenkor Energy It is the goal of Lenkor Energy to become one of the leading oil supply and energy trading companies through a process of innovation and creative solutions, to deliver excellence in service and profitability through timely and appropriate transactions. In short, to be the type of proactive energy partner your business desires.